Commit 84524566 authored by Cristiano Silva's avatar Cristiano Silva
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Delete English language

parent 7d95dbb5
uuid: 09035ff1-6246-4663-a408-ae59ebf2de6d
langcode: pt-pt
status: true
dependencies: { }
id: en
label: English
direction: ltr
weight: 1
locked: false
......@@ -4,11 +4,9 @@ url:
source: path_prefix
pt-pt: pt
en: en
'': null
pt-pt: ''
en: ''
selected_langcode: site_default
default_config_hash: uEePITI9tV6WqzmsTb7MfPCi5yPWXSxAN1xeLcYFQbM
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